From 2000 to Present...


While maintaining our feature of being a company that carries out with superior success in terms of quality and application process with the aim of creating permanent works by creating differences in the tasks it undertakes, we continuously increase our contribution to our country’s economy for contemporary and modern Turkey, and we continue our work with the goal and awareness of being among the most reliable companies in Turkey that sets standards in terms of productivity, quality, occupational and employee safety in the manufacturing sector. We carry the awareness and responsibility of building important facilities of our country with the factory designs and projects we have developed, which are pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit, first and exemplary throughout the world and the country.


Our corporate structure, which is based on creating value by meeting the expectations of our customers with a stable quality understanding, is to manage values in the “best” way with our customer-oriented working strategy and competitive growth potential.

Positioning fulfilling social responsibility for today and against future generations as a part of its corporate culture, BAZ MAKİNE prioritizes the principle of continuity while planning its activities and believes that the formation of social responsibility from sustainable projects is important in terms of the benefit to be provided for Turkey and the world. It is based on this principle in its studies and focuses on sustainable environment in its social projects. Our mission is to be a leading construction company in the production sector by acting with the awareness of environmental protection and spreading this awareness with exemplary projects.