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Curing Tank
– Polyethylene Tank takes about 170 samples in 15X15X15 Measurements.
– External Dimensions 92x197x90 cm
– Internal Dimensions 80x185x60cm (after grid)
– Thickness 7 mm
– There is 1 recirculation pump that can circulate the water in the pool. Gardenk German engine ,
– The recirculation pump has a capacity of at least 1800 liters/hour,
– Thermostatic, with digital display
– Special durable design,
– ± 1 ºc accuracy
– With bottom outlet relief valve
– Hot galvanized inner grill
– All parts of the device in contact with water are resistant to calcareous water.
– There is a control box where all the adjustments of the device are made. Shows the temperature and set values.
– Works with 220-230 V 50-60 Hz single-phase electricity.
– The electrical system is fused, it is equipped against leakage currents.


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