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Universal Testing Device
Electromechanical Tensile Device Indicator;
Servomotor, Servodriver, Servo software.
The device reads the position of the motor through itself,
Load-elongation, load-time etc. graphs can be obtained.
1/20 r/min It works between 3000 rpm.
1-Loadcell Capacity 10 Tons for compression
2. Loadcell Capacity 2 Tons for bending and towing
Test Distance 60x60x800 mm
It can work automatically or manually.
Capacity on the program is set at 10 tons.
1 Piece Bending apparatus As seen in the standard.
1 Pcs Compression Apparatus
6 Towing Apparatus
1 Electromechanical Chassis as seen in the picture
1 Electromechanical Control Unit
Adapted to the bending apparatus seen below


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