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Concrete Test Press Machine Full Automatic

-Device Compressive strength of building materials
especially 15x15x15 – 20x20x20 cm cube and
Strength of 15×30 cm cylindrical samples
used in the construction of experiments.
-Capacity max is 200 Tons (2000 kN).
-Pressure relief valve is available.
-Speed adjustment system is available.
-Works with hydraulic system.
-The opening between the compression tables is 320 mm.
-Bottom-top tables 300 mm diameter
– Bottom-top table is connected to each other with Steel Platina
-Pressure head (Floating head assembly)
-Provides hemogen loading.
– The spacers are hardened and ground on both sides.
Motor 1.1 KW 900 rpm 50 Hz
Double calibration possibility

240×128 Pixels 2 Color (blue-white) Graphic LCD Display, load-time or stress-time graphs are displayed during the duration of the experiment. 2 analog data input channels (optional: 4 pcs), Load cell, LVDT, Potentiometric sensor, Programmable gain adjustment suitable for voltage and current transmissions, 1/65000 resolution on each channel, 10 data acquisition rate per second on each channel 0-10 V 16 bit resolution analog output 4 digital outputs (for relays), Easy-to-use and durable membrane keypad can be connected to the computer on-line with RS 232. A graphical test report can be printed out from a computer-independent serial printer. 24 V DC power supply.



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