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Full Automatic Direct Cutting Tester
• The device is large, legible
It must have an LCD screen.
• Although upload speeds are set in user definition
It should be able to be set simply between 0.00001 and 9.00000.
• The desktop should be designed for use.
• Must be able to connect to the computer. After you connect to the computer
then automatically through the user test computer
and be able to achieve the result.
• Slip stress δ thanks to the program (kg/cm3) –
It should automatically draw the vertical stress (kg/cm3) curve.
• Automatically change cohesion (C) and internal friction (Φ)
again, it should be able to calculate by computer.
• At the end of the test, the device should finish the test automatically.
It should have the ability to continue if desired.
• Loading arm capacity should be 1/9, 1/10, 1/11.
• Device user-defined test termination conditions
should be able to give opportunity. These definitions are the constant of the force
values, degradation values of force and deformation
depending on the user-defined must be selectable.

• In addition, if the user sees a glitch in the experiment, he should be able to end the experiment during the experiment.
• Device calibration separate from 5 points of force
must be able to be made separately.
• To the device’s settings menu and calibration menu
must be encrypted at the entrances, an easy mistake of the user
as a result, it should not be prone to disrupt the calibration.
• 60×60 mm2 cutting box equipment with device
and weight 50 kg (4 x 10 kg, 1 x 5 kg, 2 x 2 kg, 1 x 1 kg)



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