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BZ-216 Ductility Device

EN 13589:2003, ASTM D113, AASHTO T51
Test speed 50 mm/min
Double-walled and insulated,
inner chamber stainless steel,
Insulated between the outer walls,
Thermostatic temperature controlled and heater,
Numunu holder pattern,
With elongated ruler and safety device

Bituminous is used for ductility determination.
Under conditional conditions, the briquette mold with molten bitumen in it
elongation is controlled.
The ductility device is basically a movable slider, which proceeds on the guide line,
drive motor, digital thermostat and immersion type heater, refrigeration unit and
consists of a large tank in which the pump is placed.
It automatically operates at a speed of 50 mm/min and has a maximum stroke length of 1500 mm.
The tank and outer frame are made entirely of stainless steel and insulated with fiberglass.
The temperature of the water bath is kept constant at 25 °C ± 0.5 °C.
The maximum tensile force is 300 N and the precision is ± 0.1 N.
Three briquette molds can be placed in the ductility device at the same time.


Electrical connection 220 V, 1ph, 50 Hz.

Loading Speed 50 mm/min.

Maximum Stroke Length 1500 mm.

Temperature 25 °C ± 0.5 °C.

Pulling force 300 N ± 0.1 N.

Size 2140 x 350 x 750 mm.

Weight 130 kg.


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