2000'den Günümüze...

250 Liter

Manufactured in accordance with EN 1338, 1339, 1340,1367-1,1367-6, 12371,13748-2 standards.
It is suitable for determining the resistance to frost and thawing. Freezing / thawing can be performed in the air.
The cabin has a user-defined program of at least 10 steps
At each step, the time can be set to at least 999 minutes.
The operating temperature of the cabin is between at least -20°C / up to +40°C ± 2°C.
Temperature ; into the sample, into the water in which the sample is located, or in the sample
It can be controlled by a sensor immersed in salt water on it. Calibration of the sensor can be easily performed with the help of the menu
The temperature of the cabinet is from the lowest -20°C to the highest +40°C.Homogeneous temperature distribution should be provided with the help of the fan in the cabin.

The cabinet capacitor has an air-cooled hermetic cooler.
The refrigeration gas does not contain CFCs.
The controller is electronic and has a digital display with a sensitivity of at least 0.1°C.
The temperature distribution in the cabin is maximum 2 ° C.
Thanks to the control unit, the time and number of sets for each loading can be defined by the users.



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