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The device is capable of breaking all kinds of rocks and coal.
Crushing unit made of Manganese steel,
The jaw opening of the device is 100×100 mm.
The bearings of the device are ball.
The sample size to be fed in the device is 3-100 mm.
Depending on the type of material to be broken in the device, the final product size is reduced to at least 4 mm.
The device has a collection container to collect broken samples. The capacity of the collection container is 5 kg.
The motor of the device is protected from overload.
While the device is running, it does not move due to vibration and remains stable in place. Crushing size is adjustable.
Crushing capacity of the device is 100 kg / hour.
A 2.2 Hp engine is used in the device.
The device works with 220 V three-phase electricity.
Machine size: Maximum 50 cm Length: 100 cm H: 95 cm .



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