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5 Ton Capacity
Elongation sensor with readable graphic display
The values are processed and displayed in the digital indicator and simultaneously transferred to the Bending test program on the PC. The start/stop/end / commands of the test and the adjustment of the pressure rate during the test are made by the computer.
The commands sent from the computer are processed by the digital control unit and the engine is controlled.
The Bending Test program is in Turkish and works on Windows operating system.

Input of sample information, determination of spread charge and consecutive charge values at the end of the test
And it is allowed to report the results of the test through the printer.
Experiments that can be performed with the Bending Test program: max fracture load and consecutively 10% increase values from 10% of max fracture load up to 100% are applied and values are recorded. In the bending program, compression and sequential loading tests can be performed until the sample is deformed in the direction of bending.


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