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BZ-001/60 WCM Iron Tensile Device

The bottom top chassis body table is connected by 4 chrome steel shafts.
Digital Display / Computerized, graphic program, color printer.
With both automatic and manual operation
Jaw Set:
With tool jaws suitable for round material testing,

Mechanical Construction:

160 mm diameter pressure plates with movable head
Vertical test distance 300 mm
The distance between the two jaws is adjustable
Electronic devices and sensors, and
Fully Automatic Controlled Computer Program,
Load Cell :1 pcs
– Complies with ASTM E4 Class 1 with 1% accuracy
-Potentiometric Ruler
-10 micron sensitivity
Note: The elongation information on the sample is read with the extentiometer logic. (Clip-one)

Digital Force Indicator 6 digit 20 mm Led Display,
High Precision Lab Type Measurement Feature,
Touch Keypad, Max Peak Value Ability to Keep in Memory,
Auto and Manual Reference Ability and Microcomputerized Design.

Digital Servo Control Unit

-Material Testing Program: 1 unit
-Test control information (test speed, load and elongation limits, etc.) can be entered.
-Information about the sample can be entered.
-Information about the test can be entered,
-The test result can be obtained in Metric and SI unit systems,
-Load-Elongation graph can be taken.
-Max.load, max.elongation, breaking load, elongation at break,
The Young modulus, calculations such as Yield etc.
-Provides information and an Experiment Report consisting of graphs and test results.

Hydraulic Unit:

– 60 ton capacity hydraulic unit
– Can pull between Ø 8-Ø 28mm
-Imported Solenoid valve – Made in Germany
-Imported engine drive- Made in Japan
-Imported 3-element hydraulic pump- Made in Germany
-Mechanical spacers, hoses and records
-Oil reservoir and hydraulic oil
-Hydraulic unit enclosure sheet board
Hydraulic and digital part 220 V
Lower jaw distance adjustment reducer part
Works with 220 V


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