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BZ-924/H Ring Grinder

Ring Grinder
Device 100 ml with 250 ml grinding kit
Reduces the Material to the Micron Level.
1- The device can grind all kinds of sedimentary rocks.
2- The device works on the principle of grinding with a mortar connected to a motor and rings inside.
3- Depending on the type of material, the device can feed samples in the range of 2 mm to 6 mm in grain size.
3- The device can grind samples with a grain size below 5-7 mm according to the type of material.
4- The product output size that can be reached is 25-35 microns.
5- The grinding containers and rings of the device are noble steel. Hardness is 58-60 lokvels.
6- The rotational speed of the engine of the device can be adjusted as 700-1500 rpm.
7- The device does not move during operation, it remains fixed in place.
8- The sample grinding time of the device can be adjusted to the desired speed between 0-60 minutes.
9- When the grinding time is over, the device automatically stops automatically.
10- The device is sound insulated in the interior to prevent noise.
11- The material feed cover of the device has a manual latch.-
12- Voltage-connection values: 230-240 V/1
14-Input power: 1.1 kw
15- Working Principle: Impact
16- Motor Speed:600-1500 rpm
17- Dimensions Approx: Floor instrument-80x80x120
18- Weight Approx. :267 kg
19- Suitable mlz for Crimea: Hard, medium hard brittle, fibrous.
20-Can grind in dry materials.
21- In addition, the cell can grind with water while it is in rings.



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